Keratin Treatment

The Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary process that transforms the hair. The treatment is Keratin based; keratin is the primary protein of the hair, skin and nails. This natural substance gives hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny, and smooth state.

Unlike other products available on the market, such as crème relaxers or the Japanese Straightening System, the Brazilian Keratin Treatment replenishes the condition of the hair without damage or change of its molecular structure. The treatment can be used on all hair types, such as chemically treated hair (colored, permed, relaxed, straightened, highlighted and bleached).

The application process takes on average 2 hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair. After product is applied, it is infused with a 450-degree flat iron, which traps moisture, hydrates the hair, and creates a glossy finish. See the step-by-step process illustrated below.


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1- Before - First visit to the salon in the Rejuvenol Keratin Treatment process

keratin 3

3- After washing and blow-drying the hair, we apply the Rejuvenol Keratin Treatment.

2- Before - Neither straight nor curly... just a messy set of frizzy hair!

4- Once the product is applied all over the hair, time for another round of blow-drying.

5- Followed by a very patient flat iron piece by piece work.

6- The temporary result is straight... very straight!

7- This is how the hair will look for 4-days straight. No shampoo, no water or sweat until the phase 2 of the process.

8- D+4: all instructions followed, the hair still looks amazingly straight.

9- Once shampooed with special shampoo and conditioner, the blow-drying process is only a matter of minutes… without even the help of a brush.